Board Members

Board of Directors





Adam Santacroce
Division Director Major Baseball

email      (845) 527-4967
Brett ArtetaVice President/Secretary 
Division Director Majors/Jr/Sr Softball
email (845) 532-7237
Kate Usewicz
Treasurer/Information Officer
Division Director Minor 2 Baseball
email (845) 220-8366

Sue Hansen Concessionemail (845) 542-2422 
Amanda  Ceely Board Member email((713) 428-1863
Kathy Mandich
Player Agent/Apparel
Division Director Jr/Sr Baseball
email (845) 541-3834
Betsy Santacroce Safety Officer
Director of Sponsorships & Marketing
Division Director Minor 2 Softball 
email (845) 391-4473
Doug UsewiczEquipment Manager/Field Maintenance
Division Director T-Ball/Minor 1
email(845) 527-1496
Shaun ButcherTravel Manager & President
Coaching Director
Division Director Intermediate Baseball
email(845) 843-8548
Matt Nicoli
Board Member email (845) 313-2257
Anthony LabruneUmpire in Chief email(845) 750-3749
Todd CranerBoard Member
email(845) 389-8207 

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